Enhance Visitor and Delivery Management in Hybrid Workplaces

Take control of your visitor experience by creating high-quality experiences that support your relationships and increase staff efficiency.
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Welcome your visitors in style

Meet Hyyphen Welcome, an enterprise visitor management software that allows you to take your visitor experience to the next level while reducing your operational costs.
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24/7 visitor management
Ensure your visitors are always greeted, informed, and taken care of when arriving at your office.
Hands-free deliveries
Enable seamless drop-offs and pickups without compromising security or disrupting your staff.
User-friendly interface
Make it simple for your visitors to sign-in, access your office, and enhance their overall experience.

Features designed to meet your needs

Video Calling

Connect with Visitors Anytime, Anywhere

Connect with your visitors face-to-face anytime. Seamlessly communicate with your visitors to ensure they're informed and assured.
Video calling
Hyyphen Welcome notification types.
Complete customization

Tailor to Your Unique Requirements

Meet your exact needs and preferences. From images and text to workflows and functionality, every aspect can be fully customized.
Door control

Effortlessly Manage Visitor Access

Easily open secured doors for your visitors. Our robust integrations with industry-leading access control manufacturers, managing door access becomes seamless experience.
Infrastructure that Hyyphen Welcome integrates with.

Focus on what matters

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Enhance visitor experience

Hyyphen Welcome delivers a delightful and elevated experience for your visitors, leaving a lasting positive impression. Create a memorable visit that reflects the excellence of your organization.

Increase staff efficiency

Increase staff efficiency

Hyyphen Welcome lightens the load for your overwhelmed front-office staff, alleviating their daily burdens. Empower your team by offloading tasks and allowing them to focus on core responsibilities.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Say goodbye to unnecessary staffing costs and optimize your resources based on actual needs. With Hyyphen Welcome, you can save on staffing expenses by only having a receptionist on-staff when needed.

Discover a new way to work

Free staff up to focus on valuable, high-impact tasks. Let Hyyphen do the heavy lifting by eliminating repetitive workflows and data silos.

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What our customers say

Alerts are received in real-time, and – as a result – our facilities are smarter and more secure.

Hyyphen was up and running in no time, and helped improve efficiency tremendously!

Thanks to Hyyphen, we are able to obtain clear video evidence should incidents occur.

We now have the ability to easily manage everything from our web browser, which was previously a very time consuming process.

Customer service levels are up thanks to Hyyphen. A couple of minutes can make all the difference to the guest waiting for someone to show up and fix the problem. lacus sed.

Implementing Hyyphen has tremendously increased security for staff, first responders, as well as patients and visitors.

Hyyphen enables us to easily and efficiently flag unusual events that may have otherwise been missed.

We are able to work a lot more efficiently now thanks to Hyyphen.

Take your visitor experience to the next level

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