No-code workflow automation

Connect your on-premise equipment and cloud-based applications to increase productivity and eliminate manual processes.
A basic visual description of how Hyyphen works.
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Automate your tasks

Hyyphen connects your existing cloud applications and on-premise equipment to automate your repetitive tasks and save time.
A real-world visual description of how Hyyphen works.

Connect all your systems

Hyyphen connects all your existing applications and equipment to automate your repetitive, mundane tasks.
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Designed for your industry

Built to meet your needs

No-code automation

Easily create workflows in minutes without any software development or consulting services.

Easy, rapid deployment

Quickly deploy automated processes in minutes, gaining immediate time-to-value.

Cloud and on-premise

Whether your equipment is on-premise or in the cloud Hyyphen can bridge the gap.

Discover a new way to work

Free staff up to focus on valuable, high-impact tasks. Let Hyyphen do the heavy lifting by eliminating repetitive workflows and data silos.

Hyyphen workflow diagram

What our customers say

Alerts are received in real-time, and – as a result – our facilities are smarter and more secure.

Hyyphen was up and running in no time, and helped improve efficiency tremendously!

Thanks to Hyyphen, we are able to obtain clear video evidence should incidents occur.

We now have the ability to easily manage everything from our web browser, which was previously a very time consuming process.

Customer service levels are up thanks to Hyyphen. A couple of minutes can make all the difference to the guest waiting for someone to show up and fix the problem. lacus sed.

Implementing Hyyphen has tremendously increased security for staff, first responders, as well as patients and visitors.

Hyyphen enables us to easily and efficiently flag unusual events that may have otherwise been missed.

We are able to work a lot more efficiently now thanks to Hyyphen.