Commercial property management

Turn your property managers and security teams into heroes by automating manual processes, connecting siloed equipment and data, and giving them insight into issues.

Enhance your security teams

Hyyphen connects your existing cloud applications and on-premise equipment to automate your repetitive tasks and save time.
A real-world visual description of how Hyyphen works.

Real world use cases

Time management

With Hyyphen, automate tasks that eat up valuable bandwidth to enable manager to focus on higher-ROI activities and making sure all properties are occupied.

Attract quality tenants

Hyyphen can integrate with sound sensors, smoke sensors, occupancy sensors, and more to understand events in order to keep service levels and standards across all buildings high, to attract and keep quality tenants.

Find quality vendors

Cut through the vendor landscape and save valuable time and resources by benefiting from Hyyphen's insights in demonstrated use cases, which address many operational challenges other property management firms face.

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Connecting your current systems

Hyyphen connects all your existing applications and equipment to automate your repetitive, mundane tasks.
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Start building your automated processes